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Happy Clients.

“We are impressed with the level of customer service and commitment demonstrated by John Thomas and the APEX team.  APEX works to meet our high standards of cleanliness and is flexible to assist with our last minute requests.  We are very pleased with the service and response we have experienced with APEX.”

— Jennifer w.

(Facilities coordinator)

“..a manager threw her wallet away at lunch by mistake and did not realize it until she was ready to leave for the day..

An APEX employee told her she didn’t think the dumpsters had been taken away so she clocked in early, grabbed gloves and walked with the Manager to the dumpsters outside the cafeteria and proceeded to grab bags out of the dumpster and searched the bags until they located her wallet!!

A big Thank You to APEX for going above and beyond to help our Associate!!”

— Kathy p. (Building administration supervisor)

“I have had the pleasure of working with APEX for 10+ years.  There has never been a service request too small or too large.  It’s been my experience that APEX employees are honest, work with integrity and the ethics of pleasing their customers.  APEX has been accommodating, reliable, made scheduling easy and uses environmentally safe products.   Our organization is very pleased with the services APEX has provided over the years.”

— CHana m. (human resources director)

“APEX Services is a company that hires staff that are a joy to work with and attentive to our customer needs. Any issues are quickly resolved in a professional manner. I would recommend their service to other facilities in the Cincinnati/NKY area.”

— Amber S. (Facilities and Admin Services Manager)